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Warren Buffet indicator tells investors when the market is overbought or oversold.  Here’s where we’re at right now...

Since Adam’s book Gold Is A Better Way was released on Aug 14th 2018, gold has boomed in a big way...

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Gold is a Better Way


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My first webinar in August 2018 launched my national bestselling book Gold Is A Better Way. At that time I predicted that gold prices were about to soar. This was when gold was under $1200 per ounce. The book became a national bestseller because I also laid out exactly why gold prices were on the verge of breakout.  

My Black Swan presentation I gave in January 2020 was subscribed to by over 10,000 people live and has gone viral with nearly one million views online.

I’m writing with an urgent warning… And this one is so much bigger than just recommending to buy gold.

And a once-in-a-century money making opportunity…

The warning first:

Despite what you’re hearing from the mainstream media the Coronavirus is the catalyst, not the cause.

Which is why the world economy won’t bounce back, even once the pandemic fully clears.

Why? Because the pandemic was simply the trigger to a much larger, deeper crisis – one that has been brewing not for months, but years.

That crisis – far worse than a stock market crash – is now here. It’s about to blindside millions of American investors who thought the worst was over, wiping out TRILLIONS and sending the economy into a long-term tailspin that will take years to recover from.

And there’s nothing the Fed, Congress or any central bank on earth can do to stop it.

In fact, they’re the ones that have CREATED it. And I created this special offer to help you understand what’s coming next, so you don’t get blindsided (yet AGAIN) by listening to the mainstream financial press.

This coming shift has been “baked into the cake” since at least 2008, as you’re about to discover. It became inevitable in 2018 with one swipe of Fed Chairman Jerome Powell’s pen.

And the massive monetary response to Covid-19 has provided the final spark that’s about to blow this monetary powder keg sky high.

As you may have guessed, I’m not talking about another stock crash, or so-called “black swan” event.

This time, there will be no screaming headlines, no CNBC pundits shouting out half-baked recommendations for “playing the bounce.”

There will be no “starting gun.”

Instead, this shift will occur beneath the surface of the markets, and the higher stocks soar in 2020 … the more dangerous this silent shift becomes to those who don’t understand what’s happening.

Bottom line: America is about to witness the biggest mindset – and monetary – shift in 235 years, since the U.S. dollar was created by an act of Congress.

As this shift accelerates (wake up... it's already happening) it will devour millions of American portfolios and bank accounts, shredding their value by 50-80% nationwide. 

But folks who 
get out ahead of this shift right now
 stand to get very, very rich.

The time to prepare – and start profiting – is now. And that’s why I’ve created this special resource page, which you can now bookmark and access for free at any time.

Over the next few minutes…

You’ll discover why the coronavirus crisis was just the beginning.

Our markets at one time functioned normally with real buyers and sellers.  Since the year 2009 the economy has been completely managed by the Federal Reserve.

The Great Devaluation
(Hardback Edition)

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The Single Biggest Asset Bubble in Human History is About to Burst

You see, the Fed has created the single biggest asset bubble in the history of mankind – a bubble in debt around the globe totaling a staggering $253 TRILLION and counting.

The U.S. public debt has risen from $10 trillion to over $24.5 trillion… 
up more than 100% since the crisis of 2008.

Even BEFORE coronavirus, that towering total was waiting to collapse under the weight of excessive speculating, risk-taking and pure Wall Street “moral hazard” on steroids, thanks to the Fed’s easy-money canons.

And now, the Fed’s recent round of mega-trillion-dollar bailouts, bond purchases and QE Infinity are tipping the scales at last. The Fed itself is finally bringing about an event I’ve been tracking through my research for three solid years now.

It’s a financial hellstew of global debt defaults, government money printing and inflation that I call the Great Devaluation.

Because, you see, it’s not just the U.S., The entire world has fired up the printing presses! The European Central Bank … the Bank of Japan … the Bank of England… all have been printing fiat currencies furiously since the coronavirus struck.

What could go wrong? The answer: just about everything, and it’s coming quick.  We’re about to see what happens when you flood an already thin and fragile monetary system with QE Infinity – literally, an infinite amount of “magically created” money.

How the Coronavirus Bailouts Will Destroy the U.S. Dollar 
(And What to Do)

It will impact every asset on earth as all assets are derived in fiat currencies, currently. But it will impact the U.S. dollar more than any other currency for one simple reason. The dollar remains the reserve currency of the world, for now. It stands at the heart of a fragile financial system. And it’s about to get crushed.

As the funny money floods the system in the coming days, months and years … the dollar’s value can ONLY go in one direction. And what this is about to do – to your portfolio, your nest egg, your retirement – could prove devastating.  

Over the next few years,
 you could see your stock portfolio rise 20% … 30% or more in dollar terms – even while losing 80% in real “buying power” terms. 

That may sound crazy, but if you think rallying stocks are a sign that the economy’s recovering – or that the worst is over – think about this:

Stocks absolutely CRUSHED it during the Great Depression!

Take a look at the evidence:

Video 3 identifies the real problem. That’s the same exact chart of the Dow, between 1964 and 1982… but in inflation-adjusted terms. When it comes to actual performance and buying power, your “breakeven” investment actually face-planted down 67.8%.

Think about that. Millions of investors waving their brokerage statements, thinking they had a rough decade. They didn’t know the half of it. They had no idea that they were going broke the entire time… until they went to purchase something with those same $100,000.

The Persistent Media Myth That Could Wipe Out Millions of Unsuspecting Americans in 2020

And that’s my point here. The stock market and the economy are TWO different things! In fact, they often move opposite each other. Stocks soar when the economy’s dying, and vice-versa.

Right now, the talking heads on CNBC are focused on the Dow because of the stimulus. And when you hear folks talking about the Dow hitting 40,000… they might be right.

But they’re entirely focused on the MARKET, and getting it mixed up with the economy.

What they SHOULD be focused on is the economy.

What they SHOULD be focused on is how over $10 trillion in government money-printing is about to trigger the dollar’s final decline … and bring about the end of our free market economy.
What they SHOULD be telling you about right now is how to prepare for what could be decades of declines in your purchasing power, even as stocks, home prices and other assets “soar” in dollar terms.

More important: They SHOULD be telling you about the perfect solution to these insane market conditions AND the Fed’s undermining of the U.S. dollar.

I’m not just talking about “gold.” I’m talking about a very special category of gold investments that could be the key to you surviving the depression ahead…

And even coming out millions of dollars richer, all while slashing your current portfolio risk to the bone.

Your #1 Resource for Navigating the NEXT Leg of the Crisis of 2020

If that sounds good to you, you’re in the right place.

I’ve created this platform – 
Goldisabetterway.com – to help you understand and track the coming shift away from the dollar, and what it means for your portfolio, your family, your retirement and our country.

Most important, I’ve included a mountain of resources to help you prepare – and even get wildly rich – as the Great Devaluation takes hold this year, triggering a global currency crisis, starting with the U.S. dollar.

So what 
 is coming, and how can your turn this trillion-dollar shift into massive gains, for years to come? Even if the markets melt down entirely? Even if the Fed prints a quadrillion dollars in funny money next year? Even if the bond markets implode and the dollar loses 80-90% of its value over the next three to five years?

That’s exactly what you’ll discover through this platform. Feel free to bookmark it and return for new tools, updates and recommendations as the Great Devaluation unfolds in 2020.

Meanwhile, let me explain exactly what’s coming and why it represents the single biggest threat – and opportunity – we may ever see. Period. But why listen to me? Great question!

So… With the chips seemingly stacked against us in every which way, where can we go?

Hello, I’m Adam Baratta, One of America’s Leading Gold Investors, Market Analysts and Authors… 

My company, Advantage Gold, was ranked the #1 most trusted gold firm in America by TrustLink… for four years running.

Today, my private platform for elite gold investors now has more than 7,000 members and counting.

I speak at conferences and seminars around the world – and more than 250,000 “online students” have signed up for my investor education sessions… with thousands more joining all the time, it seems.

I’m also the author of the 
Wall Street Journal bestselling book: Gold Is a Better Way: And Other Wealth Building Secrets Wall Street Doesn’t Want You to Know.

Or maybe you’ve seen my name recently in The Journal… USA Today… or Forbes.

Or perhaps we’ve met at one of the private investment conferences I’ve spoken at in recent years around the world… all of which have been full to overcapacity lately.

I don’t say this to brag, but simply to let you know: I’ve been researching this coming shift for three solid years now.

I can say without hesitation:

The coronavirus crash was NOT the big threat of 2020, believe it or not. A much larger, systemwide shock is about to occur.

And the people INSIDE the markets – the market makers, wholesalers and commercial traders – have started preparing for the biggest mindset and monetary shift we will ever witness.

I’m talking about a complete remake of the system, unlike anything we’ve seen in more than 5,000 years of market history… including the dollar’s 243-year history.

When this shift hits, anyone left standing – in cash, stocks, real estate, even Treasuries – will get slaughtered.

There will be NO “safe-haven” investments left for Wall Street and Washington to peddle on unsuspecting investors around the world. Not even the almighty dollar will be safe when the devaluation hits. In fact, the dollar – and fiat currencies in general – are all vulnerable, right now.

As the money printing and devaluation explode in the “recovery” ahead, the world will shift away from the dollar-first mindset… to a completely new mindset adapted to the new investing landscape.

And I’m on a Mission to Save YOU from the Next Massive Attack on Your Wealth

THE SHIFT: Yesterday’s “Safe Assets” Now Among Most Dangerous

For now, the dollar remains the world’s ONLY reserve currency.

But for reasons you’re about to see, the dollar bubble is about to burst, thanks again to the massive printing of more than $10 trillion in funny money worldwide to fight coronavirus … including $4 trillion in monetary stimulus from our own Fed.

There is now only ONE direction for the dollar to go, long term … and that is down.

But that’s where the GOOD news comes in – if you understand what’s coming! 

Folks who prepare now can easily sidestep the dangers … and even make a KILLING as this shift takes hold and transforms our world.  

I’ve created this special page to guide you through the next phase of the 2020 crisis… 
the beginning of the Great Devaluation.

It’ll help you understand exactly what’s coming next … and how to prepare.

Not only will I reveal the investments about to get crushed by the devaluation.

I’ll provide specific steps you can take RIGHT NOW to protect your downside… and make a fortune when the devaluation hits.

I’ve put my entire game plan – how to make a fortune from the coming devaluation – into a new blockbuster book.

This book is the most important work of my life.

It contains everything you need to navigate the coming shift, while finding profit opportunities all along the way – some even bigger than what we saw during the big bull market that just ended!

My new book is called: 
The Great Devaluation: How to Embrace, Prepare and Profit from the Coming Global Monetary Reset.

In return, I simply ask that you dedicate time to this material - cover to cover... and let me know how you enjoyed it afterwards.

You can claim your copy of The Great Devaluation now – 
here – along with a suite of other free tools you can use to protect yourself and profit.

But first, let’s take a closer look at the urgency of this situation – and exactly what you can do TODAY to prepare.

“I’m on a Mission to Help EVERY American Sidestep the NEXT
Most Dangerous – Phase of this Crisis”

Thanks to endless money printing… thanks to two decades of easy-money-fueled stock speculation… Thanks to more than $4 trillion more in funny money hitting the system this year, the long “bull market” in the U.S. dollar is about to come to a chaotic, painful end.  

I know that may sound shocking. But imagine a nation already on its heels financially… suddenly forced to pay $35 for a gallon of milk… or $100 for a pack of AA batteries… or $45 for a gallon of gas (not a tank… a gallon).

Imagine that happening to everything… your mortgage payments, your medical bills, your Internet and phone bills… everything.

That’s what happens when a devaluation like this hits. And that’s exactly what’s going to happen right here in America. As I said, it has been baked into our monetary cake for many years now. And it’ll be unlike anything we’ve ever seen in terms of market events in America.

The COMING shift – from a dollar-based world to one based on REAL value in the form of gold and other real assets – won’t just hit your stock portfolio.

It will blast a massive hole in the side of every dollar you own… and every dollar of income you collect from your investments, too.

In the end, the Great Devaluation will deliver a monetary shock so powerful, it could leave hundreds of millions of U.S. retirees with paper fortunes, denominated in dollars… worth practically nothing.

But how can I possibly “see” the future so clearly? How can I know what’s coming early enough to help you sidestep the danger and even come out richer on the other side? Here’s the answer.

If You Thought the Stock Market Crash Was Bad… Get Ready for  Something Much, Much Worse

As I mentioned, I head a gold firm that just broke the $100 million mark in annual sales, servicing some of the wealthiest clients in Southern California and around the world.

TrustLink has rated my company America’s #1 most highly trusted gold firm… for four years straight!

And my position deep inside the $7.3 trillion gold market has given me a unique perspective – one impossible to cultivate unless you’re buying and selling hundreds of millions in gold on the world stage, year after year.

The gold markets connect to every other market on the planet in some way… primarily through the central banking system.

Central banks and other major institutions constantly buy and sell gold by the TON as global macro conditions worsen or brighten.

I know. I see it from the inside. And what I’ve been witnessing the past two years has concerned me to the point of alarm.

If the central banks are any indication, we’re about to face a massive long-term devaluation of the dollar… and a massive explosion in a handful of other assets poised to soar in the coming environment.

It’s the natural extension of the crisis of 2020.

And my research team and I have outlined exactly how it’s likely to unfold.

And you’ll get all the details in my new book, The Great Devaluation.

Through this page you can secure your one (1) FREE copy of my $24.99 hardcover edition today.

And frankly, the timing couldn’t be any better.

Because we’ve never seen anything quite like this before, in our long history.

The NEXT phase of this crisis won’t JUST involve a series of gut-wrenching pullbacks in the stock market.

It will involve a much larger crisis – a shift in the world monetary system, and a shift in mindset that will unleash trillions in new profits for early investors, starting days from now.  

Of course, I’m talking about the suddenly accelerating downfall of the U.S. dollar, and the beginning of a whole new investing ERA, with all new rules.

Those who get out ahead of this shift will make a fortune, and save their wealth.

Those who fail to act right now will absolutely get wiped out over the next few years as the Great Devaluation sweeps the world markets.

And to think: without my unique position inside the gold markets, I might never have seen it coming.

How a Career Producing Hollywood Films Changed on a Dime… 

You see, I’m not from Wall Street – far from it. I spent years raising capital and producing movies and features for Hollywood.

Until the crash of 2008… when a massive project I was banking on (with Stan Lee, the founder of Marvel Comics, no less!) fell through.

Suddenly, my business was gone. And I watched my mother’s retirement portfolio crash 50%.

I knew I needed to find another way forward, both personally – and financially.

That was over 10 years ago now, just after the crash of 2008.

Around that time, I received a call from out of the blue – and it would change my life, and thousands of others, in ways I could not have imagined.

It would eventually lead to me discovering the truth about the coming Great Devaluation.

And it’s what ultimately led me to create this portal – this resource for regular Americans to prepare and even profit from the biggest monetary and mindset shift in 235 years (since the dollar was founded).

Leading Me to the Most Important Money Discovery of My Life…  

And One That Could SAVE Your Financial Future in 2020 and Beyond

A Call from “Out of the Blue” Could Help Steer YOU to the Biggest Investment Opportunity You’ve Ever Seen… Here’s How

The call came from an old friend asking if I would help him found a new kind of company… a company whose mission would be to NEVER, ever let our clients get crushed by a crash like that again.

Our company’s thesis: a massive market crash was coming, and the dollar would eventually implode. Our business: arming our clients with physical gold, as cheap as we could find it.

We started small, but the business grew from 10 clients to 100 clients and beyond. And last year, we did more than $100 million in business worldwide, while maintaining a 5-star rating from Google. We’ve also been named an INC 5000 firm, and we’re the fastest-growing gold company in the world.

As we’ve built our business, I started noticing patterns in the global gold markets – patterns you could only see and hear from the inside. In the simplest terms: I was starting to see massive institutional positioning toward long-term gold purchases. Industry insiders were all seeing the same thing. In other words, the big boys – the central banks and institutions – were lining up. They saw something in the tea leaves that nobody was talking about on CNBC. Something dark…

We began buying physical gold hand over fist in 2018, and we continue to buy the dips. We’re the first and only company to put our ENTIRE pension program into physical metals… and continue to do so annually.

About that time, I also started conducting research for a new book on my initial findings.

My research took me around the world, to investment conferences, private meetings and central bank visits…

And all the numbers – and the private conversations – were pointing to one thing.

We Predicted the New Gold Boom (August, 2018)
...At Adam's LIVE Webinar - Winter Is Coming

We Predicted the Fed’s Reversion to QE (August, 2019) 
...At Adam's LIVE Webinar - The Gold Summit

We Predicted the Black Swan of 2020 (January 2020) 
...At Adam's LIVE Webinar - The Black Swan

But My NEXT Prediction Has Me Up At Night

Here’s What’s Coming Next

Here’s the video presentation I made outlining the exact thesis I unveiled in 2018… that a great stock crash was coming, and it was time to move into gold:

That prediction launched me from a pure gold-industry guy, and set me on a mission to help as many people as possible. I realized from the reaction to my events that folks are thirsty for REAL information about what’s really happening in the markets – and how to protect themselves and their families.

Today I’m being asked to sit for documentaries. My first book is on store shelves around the planet. I’m getting hundreds of great reviews on Amazon. Life’s amazing. But here’s the truth.

Watching this unfold from inside the gold market made it much easier to see what was coming.

On August 14th, 2019, in a webinar subscribed to by over 10,000 people, I predicted the next ten chess moves for the Federal Reserve when faced with the next crisis. This two-minute video predicts what Is happening right now and what is coming next.

But here’s the thing… we weren’t predicting coronavirus back in 2018, or even when I made my “get the hell out of the stock market” call on January 29, 2020.  

Instead, our models pointed to a much more dangerous threat looming out there for investors in 2020.

Now that coronavirus has begun winding down, and folks are heading back into the markets … they’re about to get blindsided by the REAL threat right now.

I’m talking about the coming devaluation – and the fact that currencies will devalue faster than stocks can rise from their still-lofty valuations.

Instead of threatening our financial system, this shift threatens our monetary system… the backbone upon which the financial system is built.

I’m talking about the literal end of money as we’ve known it.

Every new easy-money concession from the Fed ticks us one step closer to the END of the old dollar-based system … and the rise of a new system, with new rules for protecting yourself and profiting.

With central banks printing money like there’s no tomorrow… and the bond market ready to implode… And with the Fed’s out-of-control money printing now cranking up even bigger than 2008, the final assault on our currency has begun. The time to protect yourself is now.

On January 29, 2020, I hosted an emergency LIVE webinar, warning investors to brace for the upcoming economic black swan.  Let's just say, our timing was eerily perfect. Watch this highlight reel to see for yourself.

This is already happening, look at the last 18 months

That’s right, take a look at Video 1 above. The Dow saw SIX major bull runs during the Great Depression – more than doubling between 1932 and 1942 … from 41 to over 100.

Meanwhile, the bread lines grew longer. The bankruptcies continued. The joblessness, unrest and hopelessness set in and lasted for a decade. So let’s put to rest the myth that soaring stocks equal a stable and safe economy. In fact, they can signal the exact opposite.

Video 2 above shows the Dow Jones average in May 1964 through May of 1982 and you can see that the Dow stood at 820 in May of '64.

And it stood at 820 in May of 1982… nearly two decades of stock-market futility, right?

So let me ask you a simple question. If you had invested $100,000 in the Dow in 1964, and you still had $100,000 in 1982...

Did you win, lose or draw? 

Most folks I talk to at investing conferences give the obvious answer: you came out even. You drew, right?

Except this is what actually happened to your money.

Your Post-Coronavirus Blueprint to Safeguarding and Rebuilding Your Wealth -- Fast

That’s why I’d like to rush you a copy of my forthcoming book:

The Great Devaluation: How to Embrace, Prepare and Profit from the Coming Monetary Reset

I’d like to rush you a copy of this time-sensitive game plan...

Consider it my gift to you in exchange for your time today – and your blueprint for investing and building wealth post-Coronavirus.

Because what’s coming next could be – financially – far more damaging than the virus.

In fact, it will bring about the end of our current financial system – and that is not an exaggeration.

The Corona Crash of 2020 was just a prelude to something much more menacing, much more chilling to ponder.

Because lurking right behind this financial crisis is a monetary crisis poised to torch the current system to the ground … and replace it with something completely new.

When the dollar bubble goes kerflooey – and the signs are forming all around us – we could see something that makes the Great Depression look mild. Think Weimar Germany and wheelbarrows full of dollars, being burned in the streets … so worthless will they become.

Think about it. When you heard every American was getting a $1,000 check from Uncle Sam … were you excited?

Probably not, because, well, everybody’s getting the same piece of paper with some numbers on it.

If they’re just giving it out, how valuable can it really be? This is the beginning of the Bailout States of America.

And now that the Fed’s easy-money policies have led us here, what choice do we really have?

Bottom line, the bailout, stimulus checks and trillion-dollar cash cannons WILL work. We will see asset prices rising as a result. But that will mask the truly dangerous crisis unfolding beneath the surface. Because all of this money printing will undermine the dollar by the day – and it’s already starting.

Why the Next Phase of this Crisis Will Be Even MORE Damaging to Our Financial System… 
Starting with the Greenback… And How to Prepare, Starting Now

As Forbes reports, the Fed is desperately buying – well – everything in sight right now, all with made-up money!

“What is most likely to follow next is the use of new expanded monetary and fiscal tools that will be invented daily. We will soon see some sort of approval to print money to buy corporate bonds; ETFs and equities are probably not too far behind if the financial markets seize up.”

The Guardian reports: 

“The Federal Reserve’s lending to the US government has ballooned by a third in just one year to $5.2 trillion, or 23% of GDP, and the Fed chief, Jerome Powell, says the central bank can go further.”

And Seeking Alpha reports that:

The Fed balance
 [sheet] has recently shot up to almost $6 trillion. Reckoning $2.2 trillion for CARES and $6 trillion (minimum) for Treasury SVPs, one quickly gets to $14 trillion. Adding at least $1 trillion for the 2020 budget deficit, one arrives at $15 trillion by the end of 2020.”

But here’s the thing. The Fed has no road map for this program. It’s literally making it up on the fly – consequences be damned. Because the truth is, the Fed’s old models are broken.

They’re NOT going to be able to print their way out this time … not without major consequences to the dollar… to the economy… to our daily lives.

That reality is starting to sink in among a small circle of elite investors around the world. They’re already far out ahead and preparing for the Great Devaluation, and a total reset of the world monetary system.

Now, if you don’t believe the dollar could EVER crash, I understand. We’ve been brainwashed to worship the dollar since birth. It’s almost an emotional thing. We don’t WANT the dollar to diminish in any way. So we choose to not see what’s right in front of our eyes.

But the math does not lie.

The ENTIRE U.S. money supply now stands at an estimated $4.2 trillion – total. The Fed has already pledged to pump some $10 trillion into the system. That means the total dollar supply is about to skyrocket – possibly more than 100% -- in a few short months.

What’s going on here? Why would the Fed pursue such an obviously disastrous course?

Simple: It. Has. No. Choice.

If the Fed doesn’t print trillions, this teetering economy will certainly crash – hard and perhaps remain down for decades. The problem is, the Fed has been printing money like this since 2008! And NOW… when it needs some extra cushion… it’s already stretched far too thin.

And that’s why my research indicates that the Great Devaluation isn’t just likely. It’s now inevitable.

I’m talking about a complete collapse of the U.S. dollar as the world’s safe-haven asset of last resort… and a total collapse of the bond markets, as well.

That will leave one option for a world starved for safety from capital destruction in the form of zero-coupon bonds and rising inflation.

The next signs we’ll see will be exactly those two things: negative-yielding bonds in America, and skyrocketing inflation…

Why the Great Depression is the PERFECT Model for Understanding What’s Coming Next in America

For the first time in history, we’re going to have a U.S. Treasury auction – and nobody’s going to show up. Or if they do, they’ll be dumpster-diving for cheap assets and skyrocketing high yields! That will cause the monetary system to freeze up. And boom… the last asset standing will be gold.

At that point, we will see gold prices not only skyrocket – they’ll probably get so high, the government will eventually intervene, just like it did during the Great Depression.

But between now and that far-off possible event, savvy investors could both protect their capital… and make a killing as gold skyrockets in the coming Great Devaluation.

And if Great Devaluation rings a bell, it should.

Because the parallels to what we saw during the last crisis of this magnitude – the Great Depression – are staggeringly precise.

Consider the similarities…

After a worldwide debt crisis causes a global financial collapse, a wealthy, polarizing, populist President uses his confrontational and attacking style to expose the evil institution responsible for the disaster and uses his power to reset the global monetary system, saving the world from destruction and the men who have benefited for decades at the expense of the masses.

Sound familiar at all? If you understand what’s really happening, you’ll see that the Great Depression is a perfect prologue for understanding what’s about to happen here in America.

Once you understand the pattern, and how it’s repeated through history, you’ll see the inevitability of the coming devaluation… and the importance of acting right now.

What’s more, you’ll get a better sense for why gold may be the ONLY way to safety right now for millions of Americans.

The 5 Signs of the Coming

Currency Apocalypse
(And None of Them Involve the Coronavirus Fallout)

Just consider five key similarities between the Great Depression and the Great Devaluation we’re entering now… the five signs of the coming currency apocalypse:

Bottom line: the stock market is STILL wildly overvalued based on the fundamental realities of the market … and the underlying economy.

The next phase of this crisis will see the dollar’s value plummet as much as 50% or more, slowly destroying your portfolio – even as your stocks keep “going up.”

3 Simple Steps to 
Take NOW to Protect Your Retirement and Grow Your Wealth

That is where we are right now. And the time to take action has arrived.

So where to get started? What’s the best way to protect your family’s assets from this coming cash killer… while possibly making MORE money than you’ve ever made, even if the economy implodes… whether stocks soar or sink… and even if the dollar literally vanishes from the monetary system?

Here are the three simple steps I recommend you take now to get started:



Be willing to question the way you’ve been told to look at the markets, the dollar, the government and the stock market in particular. In the coming years, you will not want to be in stocks. It’s that simple. Even if you win, you’ll lose thanks to the coming devaluation. Remember: the herd still thinks the investing world is flat. We now know it’s round – and we can take advantage of that edge in countless ways. (I’ll show you how!)



ASK YOURSELF THE QUESTION: What happens in a world where they just keep printing money to keep it afloat? I think the answer should be fairly obvious. But this is what’s actually happening right now, and if you’re not prepared… you could get crushed.



DON’T FIGHT THE DEVALUATION, OR DENY IT. Instead, learn to embrace the massive mindset shift and currency reset we’re about to experience. If you understand what’s happening and why, you can not only sidestep catastrophic losses; you can make millions along the way.

Investors who got out ahead of the mindset shift that took hold during the Great Depression were able to make a killing. J. Paul Getty, for example, snatched up oil stocks at bargain prices… and built a billion-dollar empire as the nation struggled through the 30s.

In many cases, we are in the EXACT same place we were then.

If you want to predict the future, you just need to remember the past.

The Great Depression that ultimately led to that global monetary reset lasted more than a decade and witnessed the largest transfer of wealth the world has ever seen. The Great Devaluation coming in the 2020’s could be even more painful and will witness an even larger transfer of wealth.

But just as with the Depression, the Devaluation could represent the single biggest moneymaking opportunity you’ll ever see.

My research indicated the catalyst is coming – and quickly. I now expect the Fed to make a key – shocking – announcement in early August. It will unmistakably signal the final capitulation and the end of the U.S. dollar’s insane run.

When that happens, the Great Devaluation will kick into high gear, and your last chance to prepare could be gone. (You’ve seen how fast the markets react to news these days!)

Because the truth is, the devaluation has, in some important ways, already arrived.

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The Devaluation of ALL Currencies Has Begun… Here’s How to Survive the Coming “Money Meltdown”

I’ve written and researched The Great Devaluation as your blueprint for navigating the coming waves of chaos with complete confidence, as YOUR portfolio skyrockets while the rest of the world continues melting down.

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But I want to get certain key pieces of information into your hands right now – literally today.

This information includes some truly shocking truths about what the Fed is up to right now… and how they’re actively undermining your financial future as we speak. But most importantly, it contains specific action items you can take immediately to protect your family and your assets from the Great Devaluation.

So by responding today, you’ll get:

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And please don’t hesitate.

We’re not waiting around for the government to save us (we know better). We’re not waiting around for things to get worse. We’re taking action now ahead of the devaluation.

And we’ve already made a fortune, largely through a handful of powerful gold-backed investments. (That’s right – no risky stocks or options necessary.)

But the Great Devaluation – the next leg of this crisis – is changing the equation again.

Indeed, gold will be a cornerstone investment for the next decade or more.

But the effective post-shift portfolio will go far beyond gold, into investments poised to thrive in the post-devaluation environment.

In fact, some of the very best investments of the next decade – at least on paper – could be stocks! At the same time, a stock going from $10 to $20 is a loss – if the dollar has fallen more than 50% during that time. And we’re about to see that scenario unfolding over and over again, for years to come.

One more time! Here’s what you’ll receive for FREE when you fill out the form.

The Great Devaluation (Hardback Edition): How to Embrace, Prepare and Profit from the Coming Global Monetary Reset

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I know that may sound hard to believe. But as you know, I’m on a mission. And my number-one goal is to spread the warning message to as many of my fellow Americans as possible – now, while there’s still time to prepare ourselves.

When the Great Devaluation ramps into high gear in the coming weeks and months, the shift will occur so fast – folks won’t even see it coming.

But you will. And not only that, you’ll be positioned well in advance for maximum safety and profits.

To get started, simply click the button below right now.

Good investing,

Adam Baratta

Managing Director Advantage Gold
CEO of Gold is a Better Way

The great devaluation predicts the response of central banks & governments facing extreme debt levels…

You’ll learn what’s coming next thanks to out-of-control spending and money printing from the world’s governments.

And you’ll discover a simple way to protect your family’s assets – and even grow wildly rich – as this event unfolds.

So what’s coming, exactly, and how can you turn the next phase of this crisis into massive opportunity?

That’s exactly what you can expect to 
discover in The Great Devaluation…

The Great Devaluation
(Hardback Edition)

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--"I didn’t predict the crisis, --
--I predicted the response..."--

The Great Devaluation
(Hardback Edition)

*Limited VIP Copies Available


The Great Devaluation
(Hardback Edition)

*Limited VIP Copies Available



The great devaluation predicts the response of central banks & governments facing extreme debt levels…

You’ll learn what’s coming next thanks to out-of-control spending and money printing from the world’s governments.

And you’ll discover a simple way to protect your family’s assets – and even grow wildly rich – as this event unfolds.

So what’s coming, exactly, and how can you turn the next phase of this crisis into massive opportunity?

That’s exactly what you can expect to 
discover in The Great Devaluation…

The Great Devaluation
(Hardback Edition)

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--"I didn’t predict the crisis, I --
--predicted the response..."--

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Populist leaders impose tariffs. The Smoot-Hawley Tariffs under Hoover are identical in spirit to the tariffs Trump has imposed on China and other countries. They’re supposed to “protect workers” but tariffs simply don’t work. They’re a barrier to free trade. And they’re a mark of failure. This is Sign #4.



No, the Oracle of Omaha wasn’t alive during the Depression. But he has a simple way of valuing the stock market. You simply compare the total stock market capitalization to annual GDP. If the stock market’s worth between 50% and 90% of GDP, it’s properly valued. It’s over 90%, it’s overvalued. The Buffett Indicator hit 141% in 1929. It broke to 155% in February of 2020.



Strangely enough, Trump and FDR – in one important way – are identical. They both represent populist movements driven by economic and social unrest and disgust with the status quo. Populists, if they succeed, often tend to bring about large shifts in politics, economics and even society at large. No wonder historians compare Trump and Hoover so often! We’re seeing this force of change right now.



In 1929, the gap between the richest and poorest Americans grew to the widest point in history – except for today. Back then it was the Rockefellers and Vanderbilts. Today it’s the Zuckerbergs and Gates’. The top 20 wealthiest individuals control more capital than the bottom half of the world's population (3.5 billion people). That creates economic and political instability, stirring the beginnings of a mindset shift.



The Roaring ‘20s saw the stock market go up 4X. Guess how much the Dow is up over the past decade. That’s correct: 4X. Both runups were fueled by rampant speculation, excessive debt and regular folks taking on more risk than they understood.



How to Embrace, Prepare and Profit from the Coming Global Monetary Reset: Your personal copy will arrive BEFORE it launches to the mainstream public and press. It will provide you with an all-inclusive guidebook for surviving the dollar’s demise – and coming out millions ahead (in REAL buying-power terms!).


Adam predicted everything that’s happening today in last year’s Gold Summit. This 90 Minute presentation was given live to subscribers and is being made available only to VIP investors.

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Warren Buffet is already getting out ahead of the most important mindset and monetary shift in 90 years...

His aptly named Warren Buffet Indicator is used by investors to gauge the overall health of the market by comparing total market capitalization to gross domestic product.  

Put simply, it measures how the stock market is growing relative to the actual economy.

On 1/31/2020, the Buffet Indicator rated the market a score of....


Which means the market is 


And even in the midst of more recent global economic shutdowns, the market has soared...

Warren Buffet is already getting out ahead of the most important mindset and monetary shift in 90 years...

His aptly named Warren Buffet Indicator is used by investors to gauge the overall health of the market by comparing total market capitalization to gross domestic product.  

Put simply, it measures how the stock market is growing relative to the actual economy.

On 1/31/2020, the Buffet Indicator rated the market a score of....


Which means the market is 


And even in the midst of more recent global economic shutdowns, the market has soared...


"We are about to witness the greatest transfer of wealth in human history."

--"I didn’t predict the --
-crisis, I predicted the--

The Single Biggest Asset Bubble in Human History is
About to Burst

The Great Devaluation
(Hardback Edition)

*Limited VIP Copies Available


The Great Devaluation
(Hardback Edition)

*Limited VIP Copies Available


The great devaluation predicts the response of central banks & governments facing extreme debt levels…

You’ll learn what’s coming next thanks to out-of-control spending and money printing from the world’s governments.

And you’ll discover a simple way to protect your family’s assets – and even grow wildly rich – as this event unfolds.

So what’s coming, exactly, and how can you turn the next phase of this crisis into massive opportunity?

That’s exactly what you can expect to 
discover in the Great Devaluation…

The Great Devaluation
(Hardback Edition)

*Limited VIP Copies Available


--"I didn’t predict the crisis, --
--I predicted the response..."--

--"I didn’t predict the --
-crisis, I predicted the--

The Great Devaluation
(Hardback Edition)

*Limited VIP Copies Available


Rave Reviews
From People Across The Country


The 5 Signs of the Coming
Currency Apocalypse
(And None of Them Involve the Coronavirus Fallout)


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