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Adam Baratta has predicted the most shocking economic “Check" moves of the recent past. He called the 2018 gold rally. Since then, gold is up 326% higher than the DOW. He called the 2019 dollar decline. Since then, the greenback has slid by 19%.

He predicted an epic “Black Swan” at the start of 2020. Five weeks later, the Covid-19 pandemic began and economic lockdowns spread around the globe. American households that were not prepared “lost $6.5 trillion” according to 

In each instance, during his filled-to-capacity online summits, Adam gave investors his step-by-step instructions for taking advantage of the coming opportunities.  

Now, Adam sees just five devastating moves that will checkmate the U.S. Dollar for the first time in a generation. 

On Thursday, October 8th, he will explain how they will impact your income, savings and wealth starting now and over the coming decade. 

In Adam's words - "There's a mindset shift coming that once it occurs will unleash a tidal wave of money flow."  

Missing this shift poses the greatest risk for those adhering to the passive index investing model.  Adam will reveal an entirely new investment construct and one that will lead to massive returns for those who follow it. 

Adam's webinars have been attended by tens of thousands. His last presentation, The Black Swan was seen by over one million people and went viral. Adam promises that this next presentation will be his most valuable yet.  

And... Everyone who signs up and attends will get one free copy of his #1 National Bestseller, The Great Devaluation.

That's right. By coming to what is sure to be the biggest event of the year, you'll get a hardback copy of Adam's #1 National Bestselling book sent directly to your door. 

If there is one event this year that you must attend, this is the one. 

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The Great Devaluation 

When you register and attend Adam’s upcoming event for free,  you'll also get his new book, The Great Devaluation (Wall Street Journal #1 Bestseller) that takes you on a thrill-ride through the annals of economic history. You’ll see how the creation of the Fed, greed for power, and lust for the US dollar has enriched the wealthy at the expense of the middle and lower class. 

You’ll understand how the mechanisms of monetary manipulation used by central banks and the political elite have now caused ever-bigger asset bubbles and a historical global debt crisis that will lead to the greatest monetary shift in history. 

And you’ll discover a few simple steps to prepare yourself for the inevitable crisis and profit from the opportunities most will miss.

What Others Say

A Fresh New Voice

“A fresh new voice in the world of gold... Baratta’s book and cutting edge platform make the undeniable case why gold demands consideration in every portfolio.” 


Wish I Had Known… I’d Be Several Times Ahead

“I so wish that I had known about and read this book (Gold Is A Better Way) before I started investing!! I'd probably be several times ahead of where I am right now.” 

Patrick Gavin Church

Only Regret… Not Following These Markets

“My only real regret is that I did not start following these markets a long time ago rather than to listen to the main street Financial Planners which all read from the same script.” 

Jairo Vanegas

Kudos To Mr. Baratta

“I'm even more positive about my decision to invest in gold but now I feel like I'll be able to ask the right questions… Never like feeling uneducated when I invest and now… I won't be. Kudos to Mr. Baratta.” 

Anthony Chargin

Best Book I've Ever Read!!!

"You ABSOLUTELY have to read this book if you're an investor! This is the best book to read for anyone who needs to protect their investments from the endless money-printing environment that we live in today."

Travis Griffin

A prophecy unfolding in real time...

So powerful! ...the Great Devaluation is inevitable and there is a way for investors to profit and protect themselves moving forward. Adam's message couldn't be more necessary and timely in the current environment... 

Dominic Jenkins

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"On September 16th, 2020, the Federal Reserve sealed the fate for the U.S. Dollar. This was the last domino I've been waiting to fall. It will set in motion the dollar's final five moves to checkmate. These moves will come fast within the next 5 months. It presents a massive opportunity for those that can see it coming. I believe it could become the TRADE OF THE CENTURY." 

On October 8th at 8pm Eastern Time, #1 National Bestselling Author Adam Baratta will reveal why it's only...

National bestselling author Adam Baratta promises that this next webinar will be his biggest and most important to date. Adam's webinars have predicted the biggest moves to happen in the last two years. He has been waiting for the last domino to fall. That occurred on September 16th, when the Federal Reserve provided their new inflation target. Learn why this is the last domino to fall and why the US Dollar could drop by 30% in the next five months.

The 5 Moves to Checkmate (and exactly when they'll happen...)


The #1 Financial Author in America

Gold Is A Better Way
August 7th, 2018

1,000 Registrants -  MAX CAPACITY 


The webinar that launched the national bestselling book, Gold Is A Better Way called for a 20% decline in both stock and bond prices in Q4 of 2018. Adam was spot on! Stocks dropped 19% and as Adam predicted turned out to be the first year that both stocks and bonds both lost value.

The Great Devaluation
August 7th, 2019

10,000 Registrants -  MAX CAPACITY 

One year later, at Adam's Gold Summit, over 10,000 people signed up to learn that Adam was moving his entire life savings into physical gold. He presented his 10 moves to Checkmate for U.S. Dollar.  This presentation became the subject of his #1 National Bestselling Book.


The "Dollar Decline"
October 22nd, 2019

10,000 Registrants -  MAX CAPACITY 

Just three months later, and by popular demand, Adam presented his Dollar Decline webinar where he explained in great detail why the dollar was cyclically bound to fall. Adam predicted that the dollar would fall against every major currency in the world over the next seven years. Since then the dollar has dropped more than 12%.


The Black Swan
January 29th, 2020

10,000 Registrants -  MAX CAPACITY 


Just months later, Adam predicted that the Fed Balance Sheet was setting up to explode higher. He quickly prepared an event for late January 2020 where over 10,000 people registered.  The replay was made available and has received over 1,000,000 views.  Weeks later the COVID crisis hit and the Fed balance sheet exploded almost instantly from $4T to $7T in just six weeks.

5 Moves to Checkmate
October 8th, 2020

22,000 of 30,000 Already Registered


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Now, most important of all. Adam is predicting the final 5 Moves to Checkmate the U.S. Dollar.  These events are so massive in scale that even a conservative estimate could allow investors to 4X their money over the next decade. According to Adam, "There are only five moves left, and you'll need to act now."  

Investors who understand this coming economic shift will have a real shot at a lifetime of wealth. Register now for the upcoming event to see for yourself.

And now...

The 1st MOVE will happen on Friday, October 30th.

The 2nd MOVE will happen on Wednesday November 4th. 

The 3rd MOVE will happen on Tuesday December 1st.

The 4th MOVE will happen on Wednesday December 16th.

The CHECKMATE MOVE will happen on Wednesday January 20th. 

In this webinar Adam will reveal his trade of the century and an entirely new investment construct and model that he believes will outperform passive index investing a minimum of 5 to 1 between now and the year 2027.

A History of Accurate Predictions


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Warren Buffet indicator tells investors when the market is overbought or oversold.  Here’s where we’re at right now...

Since Adam’s book Gold Is A Better Way was released on Aug 14th 2018, gold has boomed in a big way...

The Dollar Checkmate

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